• Cadie Valuable time can be wasted chasing dead leads.

  • About

    If customers don’t respond immediately to emails or don’t pick up their phone, salespeople can get discouraged and give up on a lead. Cadie does not. She follows up relentlessly until she gets engagement! She asks for the customer’s preferred form of contact and then passes that along to the salesperson. Cadie sets a hot engaged lead right in the salesperson’s lap; one might say she’s making the salesperson’s job too easy!

  • Key Features

    1. BDC department that doesn’t sleep and is proven to be more effective then Salespeople and BDC Departments
    2. Answer leads 24/7 with lifelike back-and-forth communication based on little things like nuances in the time of day or the weather rather than stale templates.
    3. DriveCaddy knows if a customer wants to be emailed, called, or prefers text for more information. She responds knowing the customers choice. If the customer says text, she will get engagement with a text.
    4. DriveCaddy knows if the salesperson has dropped the ball.  She picks it back up.
  • Our Products

    1. Overview
    2. CRM & ILM
    3. Scout
    4. Cadie
    5. Mobile
    6. Reputation Management
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