• Mobile Did you know one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words?

  • About

    Mobile w/Scanner is the realization of what a next-generation CRM should be. We took everything that our customers love about the simplicity DriveCentric CRM and gave it legs.

    Your full customer list, emails, workplan, appointments, and anything else you can think of are at your fingertips. With instant push notifications, you can even grab an Internet lead as soon as it’s sent.

    Our advanced scanner uses your device’s camera to immediately enter a customer and their vehicle into the system. Scan a driver’s license, scan the VIN of the trade-in, and scan the VIN of the interested vehicle. Does it get any easier?

    Next-generation customers require next-generation communication. We’ve got you covered. With a single tap on your customer’s profile, you’re shooting a personalized video of the actual vehicle they are interested in. Sharing a smiling customer’s picture at delivery to Facebook is just as easy, and we’ll even automatically email them the picture to tag it and make sure their hundreds of friends see it as well. Of course, you’ll be able to just call, text, or email your customers as well.

  • Key Features

    1. Available in the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore
    2. Automatic Facebook and YouTube integration
    3. Post photos and videos directly to social media.
    4. Salespeople can make sure every satisfied customer is seen by the world.
    5. Add a new customer directly from the lot with a driver’s license scan and VIN scan
    6. Enables dealers to reach out to their customers via video. Dealers want to shoot video but give up because the arduous task of delivering this to their customers. Engage more customers.  We make it easy.
  • Our Products

    1. Overview
    2. CRM & ILM
    3. Scout
    4. Cadie
    5. Mobile
    6. Reputation Management
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