• Scout Failure to act may be your competitor's gain.

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    Many dealerships have thousands or hundreds of thousands of customers in their database.  All of these are people who have had prior relationships with the dealership.  The problem is it is not feasible to sift through each record and determine whether each customer is looking to buy a car.  There are a lot of strategies involved to incite a customer to buy a car: equity mining, new promotions, low financing.  But none are able to identify customers that are actively in the market.  Scout pinpoints the customers that are ready to buy a car now!

  • Key Features

    1. Internet Leads are no longer dead leads.
    2. Dealers waste money on leads that end up dead within 30 Days or fall through the cracks. We enable a dealer to stretch their investment with lead providers.  Easily see if a customer is continuing to exhibit in-market shopping behavior.
    3. If the lead is killed and the customer starts searching again, we will reactivate the lead.
    4. Service customers are the largest opportunity for a dealer.  We will Alert the dealer when their service customers are in market.
    5. This enables a dealer to effectively work their service customers for the first time.
    6. Take the guesswork out of knowing when your customers are in-market. DriveScout will keep your sales staff alerted at all times.
    7. See a customer’s top vehicle choices.
  • Our Products

    1. Overview
    2. CRM & ILM
    3. Scout
    4. Cadie
    5. Mobile
    6. Reputation Management
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