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Product Update: Live Dashboard

Jonathan Schultz
July 26th, 2021

The new Live Dashboard offers easy access to key reporting insights.

Our focus at DriveCentric is to provide the real-time data insights managers need to make coaching adjustments and manage the game as it happens. Here’s how our newest data tools will keep your team one step ahead of the competition. 

Meet Live Dashboard

The newest in our new reporting series, Live Dashboard, provides your team with one central location to monitor performance updates in real-time throughout the day. From Message Responsiveness to daily sales data, Live Dashboard highlights metrics that are easy for your team to access and understand.

You’ll be able to:

  • Access a single, comprehensive view of your store’s performance with a single click
  • View daily metrics for sales, opportunities, appointments, pipeline conversion, message responsiveness and personalized video
  • See month-to-date totals and previous month performance comparisons
  • Build accountability with a full-screen view you can display on a large screen in the salesroom
  • Get data in real-time that automatically updates with a flash of color - no need to refresh the screen
  • Use data to manage your team’s activities, not just results

Live Dashboard is available now for DriveCentric users with permissions level access. Additional training is available in DriveUniversity or by contacting you CSM. If you’re curious about more ways you can gain greater insights and coach your team as the sales game unfolds, we’d love to talk –connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

Get Started! Learn more about Live Dashboard on DriveUniversity or schedule your demo today!

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