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Product Update: Mobile App

Steve Roessler
April 28th, 2020

See the latest features in DriveCentric Mobile to increase car sales.

Over the last month, we have launched many feature updates to our already powerful mobile interface. Full conversations in iOS, text message impersonation, quick actions for iOS and Facebook Marketplace messages are some great features you can start utilizing today. 

Full Conversations in iOS

Full Conversations in iOS allow users the ability to see a complete list of today’s conversations - just like the desktop application! View closed conversations from previous days, search and filter inboxes and filter between: Unreplied - Negative - Ignored messages. 

Text Message Impersonation

Need to send a text message for a salesperson out for the day? Users with permissions can now send a text message as another user using the Message Impersonation option. This option is available on the Customer Card Activity tab, Customer Card Conversation tab and in Full Conversations. 

Message Impersonation

Quick Actions for iOS

Now mobile users can push down on the app icon to perform quick actions. Including: 

  1. Add Customer
  2. View Recent Customers
  3. View Recent Customers
  4. Scan License
  5. Search Customers

Quick Actions for iOS

Facebook Marketplace Messages

We understand our dealerships often use Facebook Marketplace to sell their inventory. Reply instantly to Facebook Marketplace messages in your mobile app. Be sure to have the latest version of the DriveCentric App to respond. 


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