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Product Update: DriveCamera for Dealership Videos

We’re excited to announce the release of a new feature that helps make videos even more engaging. Best of all, it’s free! When users open the camera in DriveCentric iOS or Android, they’ll be able to easily personalize videos with a dealership logo, background or animated camera filters.

Free Camera Filters
This feature gives DriveCentric customers using video the ability to:

  • Send videos using 30+ face and background filters, from aviators to beach backgrounds
  • Send videos that include your dealership logo
  • Pause and resume recording in a single click
  • Flip your camera front-to-back with a double screen tap
  • Rotate your phone to seamlessly switch the recording orientation from vertical to horizontal and vice versa

Why Video?
75% of car buyers surveyed by Google report that video influenced their shopping decisions. The ability to easily record personalized videos right from your mobile CRM gives you the ability to engage prospects, build relationships and gain a competitive edge in the modern shopping landscape.

DriveCentric offers dealerships the most robust tools for capturing and sending videos. Plus, managers can even access reporting to track the number of videos sent by rep or the percentage of opportunities with video in each stage of the sales process.

Check out DriveCamera and the video tools brought to you by DriveCentric today, and be sure to connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn for extra tips on how to increase engagement with video!

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