Easily keep track of your interactions with customers. See all call recordings directly on your activity timeline for a quick review and contextual flow of the conversations you have with interested buyers.

Connect calls directly from the DriveCentric CRM

Save time searching your inbox.

No more need to keep track of everything on your own. Click-to-Call provides a one-stop shop so you can stay organized and focused on providing valuable information to interested buyers.
Phone conversation card on timeline | DriveCentric
Call note card on timeline | DriveCentric
Phone conversation card on timeline | DriveCentric

Improve your phone skills and close deals

Stay focused on your customers.

By having all your previous conversations with your leads outlined for you in one place, it becomes easy to recall their pain points so you can focus your attention on selling them what they’re wanting and needing.
Female on Phone Call

Access call recordings on activity timeline

See the contextual flow of conversations.

Every bit of communication you have with customers is recorded and organized so you can easily keep track of what was said by who, when and know how to properly follow up with each pending lead.

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