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Jonathan Schultz

As a Chief Design Officer, my role is to ensure that design is not only visually appealing but also functional and effective in achieving our business goals. Design is not just about creating something pretty; it's about problem-solving, user experience, and communicating our brand values to our target audience.

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Capitol Finds Unexpected Growth Using DriveCentric
Walser fuels growth using CRM, Engagement and Automation
2 min
DriveCentric Unveils DirectChat, Managed by "Genius" and Powered by GPT-4
DriveCentric, the leading automotive CRM provider, is thrilled to
2 min
Everything You Need to Know About Digital Dealer, Tampa '23
The recently concluded Tampa 2023 Digital Dealer has left us
2 min
Implementing Artificial Intelligence at Your Dealership
Labor shortage, less than optimal customer experiences, long wait
3 min
ChatGPT for the Automotive Industry
The automotive industry has been undergoing significant changes in
2 min
On-the-Go and In-the-Know
On-the-Go and In-the-Know: The Power of a Mobile CRM DriveCentric's
2 min
2023 NADA Recap
The 2023 NADA Show in Dallas was one for the books as thousands of
2 min
An Insider’s Look at the 2022 RV Dealers Association (RVDA) Expo
Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are a travel and tourism industry staple.
2 min
DriveCentric Launches New Sales & Customer Support Office in St. Louis
DRIVECENTRIC launches New Sales and Customer Support Office in St.
2 min
Bye, Bye Bad Business Practices: How to be a better business partner
When our journey started eight years ago, the goal was to develop
2 min
DriveCentric and NCC Announce New Integration and Partnership
St. Louis, MO – October 20, 2022 – DriveCentric is pleased to
1 min
"DirectChat" Powered By Ignitify
St. Louis, MO | July 11th, 2022 – In an industry first, DriveCentric
2 min
Three Social Media Trends in the Automotive Industry
Because of its impact on society over the years, Social Media Day was
3 min
DriveCentric and CUDL Announce New Integration for the CUDL Auto Lending Platform
St. Louis, MO | May 9th, 2022 – DriveCentric is excited to announce
3 min
DriveCentric Receives "Top Rated" DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Award
Ranked #1 in Dealer Satisfaction, DriveCentric wins award in CRM
2 min
DriveCentric: Awarded the Most Prestigious Vanguard Award at the 2022 Annual AWA Awards
DriveCentric has also been named winner of 3 additional categories at
3 min
Help Your Sales Team Do More with Less
In mid-2021, when it became apparent that inventory shortages would
6 min
Simplicity Without Sacrifice: Success Using DriveCentric CRM
Every CRM provider claims their system is easy to use [once you get
Walser fuels growth using CRM, Engagement and Automation
3 min
Want to Improve CRM Utilization? Rethink Training.
A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is the cornerstone
3 min
The Future of Automotive CRM in 2021, and Beyond
We have all witnessed the big changes in the way vehicles are being
2 min
How to Turn a Living Room Into a Showroom Experience
Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. You’re looking to buy a new
2 min
Want to Win in 2021? Rethink Customer Engagement.
If 2020 taught automotive retail any lessons, it’s that digital
2 min
Leveraging AI and CRM to Drive Automotive Sales
Customer relations and engagement can be a drawn-out process across
2 min
How Does Intuitive, Dynamic CRM Affect the Sales Process?
By leveraging DriveCentric CRM applications like Live Rooms and
2 min
Unparalleled Customer Engagement With DriveCentric
On average, we see 70% engagement from internet leads—let that sink
3 min
Transforming Living Rooms Into Showroom Floors
The natural first reaction to COVID-19 for many auto dealerships was
2 min
Transforming Automotive Sales Through CRM
What Is CRM, and Who Is It For? CRM, or customer relationship
2 min
Revolutionize Your Internal Communications
Customer relationship management has never just been about the
2 min
How DriveCentric’s CRM Improves the Sales Conversation
What really lies at the core of the sales process? Is it the price of
2 min
What’s So Innovative About the DriveCentric CRM?
At DriveCentric, everything we do is geared around a single mission:
2 min
Marketing Your Customer Experience
The Age of Authenticity  Consumers are demanding authenticity from
2 min
Selling Automotive Retail During a Pandemic
Adapt your Selling Strategy Disclaimer: This blog post was published
1 min
Text to Email Ratio Measurement for Success
A BETTER EXPERIENCE Customers in any industry, want a better
6 min
Could YOU Succeed in Sales?
Sales is one of the most rewarding careers on the planet! Some
5 min
Humility Sells
We all know the stereotypical top earning sales associate is a highly
5 min
Sales Managers: Shoot the Messenger, Shoot Yourself In the Foot!
If you’re a sales manager, every day your sales staff line up to
5 min
A Better Way To Effectively Train your Staff
Remember all the way back to high school or college. If you were like
12 min
Fall Sales Slump? Not For Long!
What a great time of year fall is! The time of year when parents are
7 min
Enthusiasm Sells!
Whatever you sell, you probably already know that the more
11 min
Managers: Stop Butting Heads With Your Staff!
At companies all over the globe you often see front-line managers
3 min
Hero To Zero
In sales, we have a saying when the new month rolls around. It's
4 min
3 Steps to I.C.E. Your Managers
Don't worry, I.C.E. is a positive thing! This month marked a huge
6 min
11 Reasons You Need to Make Time for 1 on 1 Coaching
Admitting a vulnerability can be downright uncomfortable to do as a
6 min
Best Source for Career Advice
Within the sphere of influence that revolves around your career,
4 min
Failure Is An Option!
In 2003, I was sent to the Middle East as an Assistant Team Chief on
5 min
7 Common Sense Appraisal Questions
7 Appraisal Questions to Consider When Bidding a Vehicle Earlier
6 min
Out of Sight Teams Driving You Out of Your Mind?
Remote offices, national sales teams, overseas projects, multi-state
5 min
Leaders: How to Coach an Employee Out of a Slump
If you don't run a car dealership... what a great time of year fall
2 min
Are you Desking Deals at 33%?
Imagine you and your date are out at a fancy steak house for
3 min
Use the ABCs of CRM Stats to Increase Sales
Many automotive CRMs have reports, spreadsheets, and data comparisons
6 min
Want More Sales? Increase Engagement by Getting Engaged to Buyers
Are you Married? If so, have you ever been in a fight with your
2 min
Everyone Focuses on Internet Lead Response Time. Instead, Message Response Time!
I would lose my voice once a month from yelling, “Lead”! Every time
6 min
Capitalizing on Tax Time Profit Starts... NOW
Have you or your dealership staff ever scratched your heads around
3 min
Myth: The Key to Employee Growth is Through a Promotion
Employees all over America feel they have hit a ceiling at their
2 min
Increase Sales Commission With One Realization
Years ago I came to one realization, that altered my behavior and
4 min
Are You a Wonder Leader?
Take the "Wonder Leader" test! When it comes to direct reports, many