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Bye, Bye Bad Business Practices: How to be a better business partner

Steve Roessler
November 4th, 2022

When our journey started eight years ago, the goal was to develop strong relationships, not just with dealers but with other vendors who share the same values as DriveCentric. Through conversations and demos, a consistent message was delivered in hopes that others would see the value in our product and would spread our message through word of mouth. We expect good things to happen when working with like-minded people who see the vision as we do. I believed that eight years ago, our goal remains the same today, and our network continues to grow exponentially.   

 Effective Networking

 Networking is not about how many people you know; it's about how effective your network references you or your business when speaking to current and potential customers. This doesn't mean an exchange of money has to take place; it just means that people believe what you believe. Being true to your word will go a long way toward building trust between you and your partners. Building trust through mutual commitment to a common goal is the cornerstone of both a successful and long-standing partnership. 

 Here’s an example of a demo that was done for a Facebook group. This group came to me through networking. I jumped at the chance to provide trustworthy information about our products and services, and to have it be followed up by a Facebook shoutout made the encounter even that much more enjoyable!


Automotive BDC & CRM Forum


Long-Term Growth 

 This is an upstream marketing game plan. It is a long-term approach to business that considers the future and how the business will be reflected later on. It also requires a lot of time and patience because you won't know the outcome of your marketing immediately. This helps keep your message consistent for the customer and the network, working together seamlessly as a team. Similarly, it’s important to nurture these relationships. If you’re always at the forefront of someone’s mind, they’re much more likely to think of you when opportunities arise. DriveCentric is the product of this upstream process. 

 Success Doesn’t Have to be Lonely 

We have always appreciated when vendors feel as confident in our products as we do, leading them to recommend our products to their customers. One example that happened recently was with a company we Integrate with, InteractiveTel, Inc. They were working with a client when the client voiced that they were having CRM issues. InteractiveTel suggested that the dealer take a look at DriveCentric and request a demo. We always appreciate the power of other leaders in the automotive industry in referring clients to us and helping provide that initial introduction.  

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