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Everything You Need to Know About Digital Dealer, Tampa '23

Michele McCoy
May 5th, 2023

The recently concluded Tampa 2023 Digital Dealer has left us with a lot to talk about. Here are some highlights you might have missed.

During Digital Dealer's Hosted Dealer Program in Tampa, Steve Roessler played a pivotal role as its driving force. The program, which Steve had been advocating for, finally came to fruition with resounding success. The Hosted Dealer Program can be likened to speed dating, where dealers engaged in 3-minute conversations with vendors. However, unlike typical sales pitches, the program provided a platform for both parties to connect and explore the potential for further collaboration beyond the event. The program ran for two days, with each session lasting 1.5 hours, and received positive feedback from dealers, who expressed their appreciation for the event's format and noted its improvement from past programs.

The Hosted Dealer Program's strategic location in the center of the exhibit hall added to its success by creating a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) for vendors who didn't participate. DriveCentric, the only CRM company present at the event, recognized the program's value, as did Steve Roessler. During the session titled "Your CRM Sucks, But It Doesn't Have To," DriveCentric gained further recognition by being highlighted as the CRM that doesn't suck.

The buzz at Digital Dealer was ChatGPT, a perfect fit for DriveCentric's product, Genius, which uses GPT-4 technology and leads the automotive industry in both technological capabilities and performance. Dealers were intrigued and requested to see it in action after hearing about Genius during the conference. Witnessing the capabilities and human-like conversation style of Genius further cemented DriveCentric's position as an industry leader in CRM technology.

What is Genius? Genius is a generative A.I. assistant, is seamlessly integrated into the DriveCentric CRM and is equipped with both automotive industry and dealership specific knowledge. Genius can communicate independently with current and potential customers to qualify leads, schedule appointments, save deals, and even more as DriveCentric continues to progress this technology. 

DriveCentric also has a product, Genius Reply, which is built directly into DriveCentric’s communication's platform. It creates professional responses with a click of a button. 

And now the newest in the Genius line, introducing our cutting-edge Integrated Managed Chat Tool for your website! Say good-bye to ADF/XML! The future of the dealership communication is HERE! Ready to shift gears and race ahead of the competition? Take Genius for a test drive today!

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