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How DriveCentric’s CRM Improves the Sales Conversation

Steve Roessler
July 28th, 2020

What really lies at the core of the sales process? Is it the price of the vehicle? The goals of the prospective buyer? Or maybe even the specific model the buyer has been dreaming about?

Sure, all of these things are important, but they’re all circling the core of sales: the conversation. The sales conversation, no matter which strategy your salespeople might employ, must be fluid, comfortable for the prospective buyer and easier to manage at scale.

A Multichannel Approach

Sales processes sometimes resemble the traditional process: the buyer comes into the showroom, a salesperson talks up some features, the buyer goes for a test drive, and then you get a signature on the bottom line.

More likely, though, it is a buyer who wants to take their time, compare offers, emails (and even texts) salespeople with questions. Particularly in the age of COVID-19, this multichannel digital approach to sales is taking center stage.

This is where DriveCentric’s CRM comes in. In a single platform, your salespeople can view each element of the conversation while messaging with your customers in real-time.

Advancing the Automotive Sales Process

It’s important that we all acknowledge that the automotive sales process is moving in one direction: forward. Even without the COVID-19 pandemic, technology has been driving the sales process more and more, and that change has only been accelerated.

Customers today are looking for convenience and access. The DriveCentric CRM is designed to seamlessly integrate into your sales process and provide just that. Even the classic vehicle showroom has been forced to evolve. Though customers aren’t perusing the showroom floor as before, the experience doesn’t need to disappear.

Enter: Live Rooms, DriveCentric’s video-based technology that allows your sales team to replicate the showroom floor right in the DriveCentric CRM.

Centralized Conversations

From calls to emails, texts, and Live Rooms, DriveCentric’s CRM brings every conversation into one unified platform. In the customer’s mind, they’ve been having one conversation with your salesperson the whole time. Traditionally, though, you’ve had to navigate between several lines of communication (often with multiple customers at a time) in a complicated sales dance.

DriveCentric makes the idea of one streamlined conversation a reality. Whether your salespeople are on mobile, desktop, or both, they can have a seamless conversation that customers will in time come to expect.

24/7 Availability

With Conversations in DriveCentric, your sales team is free to make the sale at any time. If a customer feels like starting up a conversation at night on a Sunday, DriveCentric makes it work. Let’s say a buyer is in conversation with multiple sellers. They’re going to prefer the one who responds quickly.

As stated earlier, there’s no guarantee the showroom floor will ever return as the dominant place sales are made. These days, your customer’s phone is the showroom floor, and DriveCentric makes it available anytime, anywhere.

What we’re really doing at DriveCentric is making it easier than ever to engage with customers, especially in an ever-changing environment that is more restrictive than ever.

Reading an article like this really is no substitute for giving the platform a try yourself. Request a demo and get the conversation started today.

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