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Hero To Zero

Jonathan Schultz
November 29th, 2017

In sales, we have a saying when the new month rolls around. It's often murmured when our accomplishments from last month are erased from the board, and you get the joy of starting all over again. We say, "Hero to zero!" as we brush off last months efforts and return to the grind.

I believe this phrase came about because of the all too common, "month end hangover". So many sales people leave it all on the floor, so to speak. We work so hard the last week, or last few days of the month, we wear ourselves out! It's no wonder when the first of the new month rolls around, sales often slow down for a few days. After sprinting across the finish line in a mad dash to complete the race, there isn't much energy left to stand up, and start it all over again the very next day.

As successful sales people know, every minute of every day counts. We should certainly not kick back, relax, and rest on our laurels. That’s the mentality that spawned "Hero to zero". It reminds us that we shouldn’t be tempted to pat ourselves on the back, or celebrate our success from last month. Last months completely finished after all, right? None of the success from last month carriers over into this month, correct?

Wait a minute... What if last months success still has meaning today? What could be possible if you as a sales representative, could reinvigorate your drive to sell and your motivation to make deals? What if you could hold on to that positive attitude and confidence gained from crushing those goals? What would happen if you carried that momentum into the first week of the new month?

Before you go cracking the whip on yourself, and start minimizing, or even forgetting about your recent success with the "hero to zero" mentality. For the love of God, take a minute and reward yourself for a job well done! Buy yourself or someone in your family something nice. Do yourself a favor and buy a professional back rub at a local spa. Treat yourself to your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant. Do something you’ve always wanted to do, but never give yourself the time to enjoy. This can actually pay dividends towards hitting your next months sales targets: here is how.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary "Operant Conditioning" is when "the desired behavior or increasingly closer approximations to it are followed by a rewarding or reinforcing stimulus."

What does this mean for you? This means if the desired behavior for a salesperson is reaching and exceeding goals through selling, then by giving yourself rewards or "reinforcing stimulus", you will actually condition yourself to succeed AGAIN! That’s right, you increase your chances of success, your confidence, and ability to reach and exceed your goals next month simply by rewarding yourself for a job well done! So make the conscious decision to not only feel GREAT about accomplishing your objectives, but purposely give yourself a reward for your efforts. YOU DESERVE IT!

So the next time you crush those goals, and on the first day of the new month someone tells you, "Forget about what you did last month, its over!" Or "Hero to Zero! Time to get back to work!" Ignore that advice, and instead ask yourself, "How should I reward myself for a job well done?" You deserve the treat, just like anyone else who makes an awesome accomplishment in their career or life!

At my car dealership we had a record November this year. We exceeded our lofty goal, and on top of that, smashed last years sales by over 20%. I'm going to go to work today, and I will begin the hustle for sales all over again. However, I will reward myself by giving my wife and children a fantastic Christmas this year! Also, I think I'll get myself a cool new winter coat to celebrate the success. I may even plan my December reward now, for when we as a team, exceed our new goal for the fresh month!

My question for you: How are you going to reward yourself or your team for a job well done last month, in order to recreate and condition for success again this month?

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