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Increase Sales Commission With One Realization

Jonathan Schultz
November 28th, 2017

Years ago I came to one realization, that altered my behavior and activities which ultimately impacted my sales and commission checks. I want for you as a sales professional to come to this same realization so that you may earn a greater living as I did.

Realize Who Pays You

Depending on your place of employment you may get a check, weekly, bi-weekly, or sometimes monthly. Direct deposit or check in hand, most sales people receive their pay directly from their companies account. As such, many sales people believe it is their employer that pays them.

On the other end of the spectrum you have the sales people that believe they are paid by themselves. “I am my own business.”, is a catch phrase often used by company salespeople. Hard work, dedication, and the daily grind creates a façade where, “I pay myself through my closing skills.”

If you really want to know who writes your checks, simply follow the money.

Your Bank > Your Employers Bank > Your Buyers Bank

[blockquote-right]As sales people, we must adopt the mentality that our pay check comes from our buyer NOT from our self, or from our employer.[/blockquote-right]As sales people, we must adopt the mentality that our pay check comes from our buyer NOT from our self, or from our employer. The value, urgency, relationship, and enthusiasm that we transfer to the client is directly related to the paycheck we earn, from our buyer!

Salespeople Can Make Less Than Minimum Wage

Even top earning sales people earn less than minimum wage when we fail! We must understand that the buyer has the right to pay us zero dollars. That’s right, your buyer doesn’t have to follow federal or state minimum wage regulations. If you spent the day with a prospect, and don’t earn the business, you didn’t even earn minimum wage that day. Truly do an amazing job with that customer and earn yourself much more than minimum wage!

Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You

Most sales people won’t ignore their managers calls or emails. The vast majority of sales people would follow up with their company owner after an important meeting. Most sales people are extremely respectful to the leaders of their company, even when they don’t get what they want.

Since we are now of the understanding who really feeds us, technically not the people above us in our company… Can we now begin to treat our customers with the same respect? Can we follow up better, interact better, and react better to what they do? Start treating every customer like they are your boss. Realize the customer gets to decide if you get fired right now (no purchase), or give you a massive raise today (big purchase and referrals)!

Shift Your Mindset And Increase Your Commission

[blockquote-left]Make this shift in mindset right now, and watch your paychecks skyrocket.[/blockquote-left]Make this shift in mindset right now, and watch your paychecks skyrocket. This works every single time. Remember: The money you make is a bi-product of how you treat your buyers. How you treat your buyers is directly related to your perception of their value to you. The value your customers see in you and your wares are directly related to how you treat them! Realize that your buyer is writing your paycheck and increase your commission immediately.

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