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How Does Intuitive, Dynamic CRM Affect the Sales Process?

Steve Roessler
October 22nd, 2020

By leveraging DriveCentric CRM applications like Live Rooms and Conversations, auto dealerships have been able to transform their sales processes.

But what are the practical implications for these tools? With claims like, “The DriveCentric CRM is changing the automotive sales landscape,” what are we actually talking about? On a fundamental level, DriveCentric is streamlining the sales process and driving toward a final goal: delivering more cars.

Reducing Lead Response Time

Responding to a lead is about more than emailing a prospective customer back quickly after they reach out, or at least it should be. Using Conversations, integrated directly into the DriveCentric CRM, salespeople can respond immediately to incoming leads and communicate in real time on the platforms customers are most accustomed to.

With instant messaging, SMS, and email all integrated together into a single messaging application, it’s easy to follow up with potential customers and speeds up the sales process.

High Engagement—Any Time, Anywhere

DriveCentric CRM applications don’t just let your sales team respond quickly, though. The platform is really an engagement machine that converts the in-person experience of buying a vehicle into the digital space. Use Conversations to seamlessly communicate with potential customers and leverage Live Rooms to bring the showroom to their living room.

Even when showrooms are fully open again and filled with customers, Live Rooms will enable salespeople to dramatically expand their reach. The possibilities truly are endless. Customer in another state? No problem. Just want to check one more feature before purchasing without driving all the way back to the dealership? Live Rooms has them covered.

Track, Report, Analyze

DriveCentric goes beyond engagement to give salespeople the knowledge they need to drive additional business. Converting a prospective customer, or a group of customers, into delivered cars requires more than slick salesmanship.

DriveCentric compiles data from individual customers and markets to allow your sales team to strategically target their efforts to sell more vehicles. By knowing how potential customers behave and by understanding their buying habits, converting that, “I’m looking for a sedan but I’m just here to browse,” into a sale is that much easier.

The Bottom Line: Deliver More Cars

For the purposes of an automotive dealership, if a tool isn’t making it easier for your sales team to sell vehicles or isn’t driving visible growth, it’s not worth it. At DriveCentric, our goal wasn’t simply to develop a tool that salespeople could lean on. Instead, we intend for our CRM to become a necessary and fundamental part of the sales process.

The landscape for vehicle sales has been changing for some time, and the COVID-19 pandemic essentially functioned as an accelerant for that change. DriveCentric is the tool that lets dealerships transition to this new digital sales landscape without having to abandon tried and true salesmanship.

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