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Transforming Living Rooms Into Showroom Floors

Steve Roessler
October 1st, 2020

The natural first reaction to COVID-19 for many auto dealerships was to turn to third-party video conferencing tools to communicate internally and with potential customers alike. This was, of course, the right move at the time. Dealerships needed a way to engage with their customers and the fastest way to do that beyond an email was to purchase a Zoom subscription.

However, video conferencing tools like Zoom and others aren’t designed to integrate seamlessly into your sales process, and many salespeople quickly found that the challenges that came with COVID-19 were insurmountable.

Enter: Live Rooms

The DriveCentric CRM unifies the tools salespeople need to sell vehicles, and that includes the ability to replicate the showroom experience seamlessly on a customer’s phone, tablet, or computer.

By recreating that real-time face-to-face showroom conversation, salespeople who leverage Live Rooms can adapt their skills to a new digital environment. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select your customer (already integrated into DriveCentric).
  2. Click the Live Rooms icon to send your customer a link to Live Rooms via text and email.
  3. Walk them through the vehicles and features they’re interested in as if they are in the showroom with you.

At no point will your customer need to download a dedicated app. DriveCentric has created this solution to make it as easy as possible to see the vehicles your customers are most interested in. In many ways, Live Rooms are easier than walking the showroom floor like we all remember.

Beyond the Showroom Floor

Aside from simply selecting a vehicle, there is much more to the buying process. Live Rooms allows you to:

  1. Greet customers “at the door,” so to speak
  2. Trade vehicle appraisals
  3. Conduct financing and insurance conversations
  4. Retail your vehicles digitally

Translation? Unlike the clunky integration of most video conferencing platforms into the automotive sales process, Live Rooms helps you manage the entire sales process virtually: from the time someone “walks” into the showroom (in their living room) through their financing and to the final sale.

Live Rooms

The Future of Automotive Sales

Let’s imagine ourselves working the dealership in 2022 and beyond. Coronavirus is a thing of the past (or at least, not nearly the danger it is today) and potential vehicle buyers are returning to your showroom. Automotive sales is going back to the way it was before, right?

Well, there’s no getting around it: the answer is no. However, Live Rooms will allow you to effectively turn anywhere into your car dealership. Let’s say someone comes in to check out a car. They then get home and realize they didn’t look inside the trunk, the backseats, or anywhere else. With Live Rooms, it’s as simple as re-engaging with the salesperson, setting up a Live Rooms call, and continuing the conversation.

In other words, your dealership can remain as the hub of sales and marketing, but the rest of the process can happen anywhere.

Talking about Live Rooms is one thing but, to get the full experience, you really need to see it for yourself. Let’s schedule your demo today.

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