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    Battle obstacles with CRM

    Working with car dealerships around the country allows me to better understand the struggles they face.

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    Use the ABC’s of CRM Stats to Increase Sales

    Many automotive CRM’s have reports, spreadsheets, and data comparisons for you as a sales manager, GSM, GM or Dealer Principal to review. As you already know the data comes from many different sources.

  • desking

    Are you desking deals at 33%?

    Imagine you and your date are out at a fancy steak house for dinner. Lets say you ordered a 40 dollar 8 oz filet at that restaurant, and only received 2.6 ounces. Would you come unglued? What about at the office, what if you worked your tail off and only received 33% of the paycheck you were promised? What if your kids earned a 33% on a test in school? You get my drift!

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    Video Engaged!

    The numbers are in. Videos have been shown to significantly increase the closing ratio on new internet leads for dealerships. Personalized videos have been proven to have a closing ratio up to 5 times that of traditional contact mediums.

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    Separating yourself from the Pack!

    One of the biggest pet peeves from a customer shopping online for a car is the bombardment of automated emails and auto-replies they get from numerous dealerships.  I’m sure you’ve seen all the canned templates: extended warranties, free oil changes for life of the vehicle, free tire rotations.  Sure, it all looks great on paper, but when it is all said and done, all the emails look the same to the customer.  

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