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Product Update: All-New Reporting

Jonathan Schultz
July 19th, 2021

Experience the new DriveCentric Standard & Advanced Reporting Suite.

In today’s market, it’s more important than ever to have instant insight into actionable data. This helps you make better decisions quickly and coach your team as deals are happening. Our new metric-exhaustive data suite provides you with valuable metrics in a matter of a few seconds… yes, it’s that fast!

Standard and Advanced reports are built right inside your dealership CRM to provide insight into key performance metrics and allow you to explore industry-first metrics so you can easily develop actionable directives.

A total of 17 new reports are now available and free for all DriveCentric customers, including nine standard reports and eight advanced.

With our powerful reporting suite, you’ll get the benefits of:

  • Faster reporting speed with enhanced capabilities powered by our data warehouse
  • Greater volume of overall metrics available
  • Meaningful insights into current performance and improvement opportunities
  • Mouseover hover displays the meaning of reporting metrics
  • Training and learning support available via CSMs and DriveUniversity

Prefer our legacy reporting? Not to worry. Although we encourage you to move forward with your training on new reporting, our legacy reports remain available for now.

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