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What powers your CRM?

Transform the car buying into a meaningful experience with genuine virtual engagement. Go Live with Drive to gain access to Genius artificial intelligence.

Get a clear context of each deal’s interactions

Genius keeps track of interactions and streamlines it for you in a one-stop place, making it easy for you to pick up where it leaves off. Think of it as your own personal assistant that never sleeps.

Get assistance staying on top of everything

Genius continually converts new lead information in your pipeline and marks “leads” to “engaged,” helping you to stay organized. How do your customers want to communicate? Let Genius find out by requesting the best form of contact.
Lead Information

Automatic data collection

Delegate so you can focus on closing deals.

Genius does not judge the lead source and reaches out to everyone regardless of the source. It works on leads with no phone numbers to give your sales team more time to focus on already engaged customers.

Intelligence that cares

Genius is the perfect partner to make sure your customers are always happy. The intensive task of trying to monitor every communication used to be impossible. Not now.

Features that go beyond the norm

Remove the guesswork out of knowing when your customers are in the market to buy. You can now easily see when customers are exhibiting in-market shopping behavior.

Analyze the online behavior of customers

Be constantly in the know by monitoring the online behavior of your customers so you can see their interests and have an advantage.

Get social with your prospective customers

Receive access to social profiles.

The closer you become with your prospects, the more you can understand. The better you understand their wants and needs, the easier it is to sell them what they're in the market to buy.
Genius engages your customers to prevent lost opportunities. When engagement is detected, your staff will be instantly notified.

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