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Mercedes-Benz of Beaverton - Dale Villar Acelar
Street Volkswagen - Dawn Owens, BDC Director
Street Volkswagen - Shane Giese, New Car Director
Street Volkswagen - John Luciano, Partner & President
Street Volkswagen Team
Street Volkswagen - Ron Garverick, Finance Director
Frank Leta Acura - Travis Morss, Director of Sales
Capitol Finds Unexpected Growth Using DriveCentric
Walser fuels growth using CRM, Engagement and Automation
2 min
DriveCentric Unveils DirectChat, Managed by "Genius" and Powered by GPT-4
DriveCentric, the leading automotive CRM provider, is thrilled to
2 min
Everything You Need to Know About Digital Dealer, Tampa '23
The recently concluded Tampa 2023 Digital Dealer has left us
2 min
Implementing Artificial Intelligence at Your Dealership
Labor shortage, less than optimal customer experiences, long wait
3 min
ChatGPT for the Automotive Industry
The automotive industry has been undergoing significant changes in
2 min
On-the-Go and In-the-Know
On-the-Go and In-the-Know: The Power of a Mobile CRM DriveCentric's
2 min
2023 NADA Recap
The 2023 NADA Show in Dallas was one for the books as thousands of
2 min
An Insider’s Look at the 2022 RV Dealers Association (RVDA) Expo
Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are a travel and tourism industry staple.
2 min
DriveCentric Launches New Sales & Customer Support Office in St. Louis
DRIVECENTRIC launches New Sales and Customer Support Office in St.
2 min
Bye, Bye Bad Business Practices: How to be a better business partner
When our journey started eight years ago, the goal was to develop
2 min
DriveCentric and NCC Announce New Integration and Partnership
St. Louis, MO – October 20, 2022 – DriveCentric is pleased to
1 min
"DirectChat" Powered By Ignitify
St. Louis, MO | July 11th, 2022 – In an industry first, DriveCentric
2 min
Three Social Media Trends in the Automotive Industry
Because of its impact on society over the years, Social Media Day was
3 min
DriveCentric and CUDL Announce New Integration for the CUDL Auto Lending Platform
St. Louis, MO | May 9th, 2022 – DriveCentric is excited to announce
3 min
DriveCentric Receives "Top Rated" DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Award
Ranked #1 in Dealer Satisfaction, DriveCentric wins award in CRM
2 min
DriveCentric: Awarded the Most Prestigious Vanguard Award at the 2022 Annual AWA Awards
DriveCentric has also been named winner of 3 additional categories at
3 min
Help Your Sales Team Do More with Less
In mid-2021, when it became apparent that inventory shortages would
6 min
Simplicity Without Sacrifice: Success Using DriveCentric CRM
Every CRM provider claims their system is easy to use [once you get
Walser fuels growth using CRM, Engagement and Automation
3 min
Want to Improve CRM Utilization? Rethink Training.
A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is the cornerstone
3 min
The Future of Automotive CRM in 2021, and Beyond
We have all witnessed the big changes in the way vehicles are being
2 min
How to Turn a Living Room Into a Showroom Experience
Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. You’re looking to buy a new
2 min
Want to Win in 2021? Rethink Customer Engagement.
If 2020 taught automotive retail any lessons, it’s that digital
2 min
Leveraging AI and CRM to Drive Automotive Sales
Customer relations and engagement can be a drawn-out process across
2 min
How Does Intuitive, Dynamic CRM Affect the Sales Process?
By leveraging DriveCentric CRM applications like Live Rooms and
2 min
Unparalleled Customer Engagement With DriveCentric
On average, we see 70% engagement from internet leads—let that sink
3 min
Transforming Living Rooms Into Showroom Floors
The natural first reaction to COVID-19 for many auto dealerships was
2 min
Transforming Automotive Sales Through CRM
What Is CRM, and Who Is It For? CRM, or customer relationship
2 min
Revolutionize Your Internal Communications
Customer relationship management has never just been about the
2 min
How DriveCentric’s CRM Improves the Sales Conversation
What really lies at the core of the sales process? Is it the price of
2 min
What’s So Innovative About the DriveCentric CRM?
At DriveCentric, everything we do is geared around a single mission:
2 min
Marketing Your Customer Experience
The Age of Authenticity  Consumers are demanding authenticity from
2 min
Selling Automotive Retail During a Pandemic
Adapt your Selling Strategy Disclaimer: This blog post was published
1 min
Text to Email Ratio Measurement for Success
A BETTER EXPERIENCE Customers in any industry, want a better
6 min
Could YOU Succeed in Sales?
Sales is one of the most rewarding careers on the planet! Some
5 min
Humility Sells
We all know the stereotypical top earning sales associate is a highly
5 min
Sales Managers: Shoot the Messenger, Shoot Yourself In the Foot!
If you’re a sales manager, every day your sales staff line up to
5 min
A Better Way To Effectively Train your Staff
Remember all the way back to high school or college. If you were like
12 min
Fall Sales Slump? Not For Long!
What a great time of year fall is! The time of year when parents are
7 min
Enthusiasm Sells!
Whatever you sell, you probably already know that the more
11 min
Managers: Stop Butting Heads With Your Staff!
At companies all over the globe you often see front-line managers
3 min
Hero To Zero
In sales, we have a saying when the new month rolls around. It's
4 min
3 Steps to I.C.E. Your Managers
Don't worry, I.C.E. is a positive thing! This month marked a huge
6 min
11 Reasons You Need to Make Time for 1 on 1 Coaching
Admitting a vulnerability can be downright uncomfortable to do as a
6 min
Best Source for Career Advice
Within the sphere of influence that revolves around your career,
4 min
Failure Is An Option!
In 2003, I was sent to the Middle East as an Assistant Team Chief on
5 min
7 Common Sense Appraisal Questions
7 Appraisal Questions to Consider When Bidding a Vehicle Earlier
6 min
Out of Sight Teams Driving You Out of Your Mind?
Remote offices, national sales teams, overseas projects, multi-state
5 min
Leaders: How to Coach an Employee Out of a Slump
If you don't run a car dealership... what a great time of year fall
2 min
Are you Desking Deals at 33%?
Imagine you and your date are out at a fancy steak house for
3 min
Use the ABCs of CRM Stats to Increase Sales
Many automotive CRMs have reports, spreadsheets, and data comparisons
6 min
Want More Sales? Increase Engagement by Getting Engaged to Buyers
Are you Married? If so, have you ever been in a fight with your
2 min
Everyone Focuses on Internet Lead Response Time. Instead, Message Response Time!
I would lose my voice once a month from yelling, “Lead”! Every time
6 min
Capitalizing on Tax Time Profit Starts... NOW
Have you or your dealership staff ever scratched your heads around
3 min
Myth: The Key to Employee Growth is Through a Promotion
Employees all over America feel they have hit a ceiling at their
2 min
Increase Sales Commission With One Realization
Years ago I came to one realization, that altered my behavior and
4 min
Are You a Wonder Leader?
Take the "Wonder Leader" test! When it comes to direct reports, many