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Built to Power Digital Showrooms

If your CRM software isn’t broken, don’t fix it, right? Wrong. Today’s digital consumers made certain online car buying is here to stay! Digital transformation is essential. And adding bolt-on technology to legacy software is no longer enough to remain competitive or thrive. So, what will you do differently?

Be bold. It’s time to embrace a modern dealership CRM built for digital showroom experiences. Are you ready to transform for the future of automotive retail?


User-friendly Interface Fuels Sales Growth

Go beyond brick and mortar with a user interface built for virtual selling.


Digital showroom technology is so simple to use, onboarding and training are 100% remote.

Our partners call us the Apple of CRM



We know how you work; our UI is designed for maximum functionality with fun kept in mind.

We’re known as our customers’ best-kept secret

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Our focus on the evolution of UI advancements gives your dealership a stark advantage.

A CRM that finally gets the value of UI


Make Your Sales Team More Effective

Selling is a lot of work. Software designed years ago was built on the idea that more information made you a better salesperson. That’s simply not true! Your sales team can save time by removing distracting data, focusing only on essential details to manage deal flow.
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Desking for Next-level Digital Retailing

DriveCentric Desking gets its most significant upgrade ever, making even the smallest details seem epic 😎. Why now? Using multiple tools and fragmented payment data is a challenge. DriveCentric combines the power of desking, showroom, and retailing workflows into one integrated solution to create remarkable customer experiences.


Web-like Inventory Control

Make the car the star in your digital sales workflow!

  • See the same inventory in the CRM that customers see online
  • Robust filters enhance search results to find the perfect vehicle
  • Vehicle data is powered by J.D. Power to show true specifications




Data-first Prospecting Solution

With a 360-view of every customer, you can quickly find sales opportunities with the highest likelihood of buying . So spend less time building lists and more time finding opportunities that convert! Prospects waiting in your customer database have never been so easy to find - see how our customer segmentation tool can make a real impact on your bottom line.


All Your Teamwork in One Workspace

Unite all your teams around the customer through digital workflows built right inside the CRM that give you an all-new way to work. That’s right! Empower your team to stay in sync and deliver better customer experiences using individual communications, group channels or even file sharing without ever leaving the customer’s side.

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Connect with Shoppers Where They Are

Move at the speed of your customers and interact how they want while staying CCPA compliant with texting right inside your CRM. Get faster responses, set appointments and send everything needed for buying decisions from your desktop or mobile app. Don’t forget to keep it fun! Create memorable buying experiences using emojis 😆, GIFs, photos and videos.


Turn Data into Actionable Insights

Metrics empower your sales team to put data at the heart of every decision. Know what’s happening, so you aren’t left behind! Get notifications for your most important business metrics to quickly spot areas of improvement. Performance comparisons, trend analysis and business intelligence make sure you're optimized and outpacing traditional sales strategies.
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Work Deals Anytime, Anywhere

The way we buy cars has changed. So, shouldn’t we change the way we sell them? Today’s shoppers demand a digital, agile buying experience. Manage your deals on the go with real-time notifications, data capture and follow-up functions. And that’s not all! Stand out from the crowd with video, face filters 🎭, and much more - a mobile app your team will love and actually use.

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Why Dealers Love DriveCentric

Hear from a few of our happiest customers.

“One of the biggest mistakes I made... waiting three years to sign up with DriveCentric.”

Andrew Walser, CEO

Walser Automotive Group
Chris Dagesse

"DriveCentric revolutionizes the way we sell cars. I never imagined a CRM could change how we do business and produce the lucrative results we see."

Chris Dagesse, Owner

DCD Automotive Holdings

"No legacy system gives you a direct line to accountability. DriveCentric is really the only CRM set up this way."

Andrew Walser, CEO

Walser Automotive Group
Matthew Casebeer min

“If you want to make your dealership better, DriveCentric is the way to go.”

Matthew Casebeer

Capital Auto Group
Chris Dagesse

"When Covid hit, I convinced myself we could save money and duplicate our performance with any CRM. It took less than 6 months to switch back!"

Chris Dagesse, Owner

DCD Automotive Holdings

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Unite sales data to drive visibility and efficiency.

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